TN-350 Toner Reset Instruction



The reset gear on the toner cartridge did not properly contact and reset the New Toner Sensor within the printer. The reset gear will operate only once after the toner cartridge is installed and the position of the gear cannot be reset after installation. To reset the Toner Life Display, a manual reset procedure must be performed. 


The following steps will need to be performed to manually reset the toner life.

MFC Printer Series

1. Open the front cover.

2. Press the “Options” key. The display will read “Replace Drum 1. YES 2. NO” (DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE) Proceed to step 3

3. Press the keys in order *, 1,1.

4. Display will show the message “Accepted” for approximately 2 seconds. Then the message will change to “Cover Open.”

5. Close the front cover and the operation has now been completed.

HL Printer Series

1. Open the Front cover.

2. Press and hold the GO button.

3. Power ON the printer while continuing to hold the GO button.

4. Once the 3 LED’s are lit, release the GO button.

5. Press the GO button 2 times. This will cause the LED’s to light solid.

6. With the LED’s lit solid, press the GO button 5 times.

7. Toner Life End will then reset.

8. Close the front cover.