What is Page Yield?

Page yield describes the estimated number of pages that can be printed with a particular print cartridge.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in conjunction with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) published,

 - ISO/IEC 19752 yield standard for monochrome toner cartridges

 - ISO/IEC 24711 yield standard for color inkjet cartridges

 - ISO/IEC 19798 yield standard for color toner cartridges.

ISO/IEC Test Procedures 

Monochrome toner cartridge yield

The ISO/IEC 19752 test procedure requires a standard test page (Figure 1) with approximately 5 percent coverage to be printed continuously until the cartridge reaches end of life.

            Figure 1: 

ISO/IEC 19752 monochrome test page

Color toner cartridge yield & Inkjet cartridge yield

The ISO/IEC 19798 and ISO/IEC 24711 test procedure requires a standard set of five test pages (Figure 2) to be printed continuously until the cartridge reaches end of life.

                         Figure 2: 

ISO/IEC 19798 and 24711 color test pages

Color printing involves cyan,  magenta, yellow 

and black ink or toner. The five standard pages 

contain a mix of text and graphics and different 

amounts of coverage to achieve an average of 

approximately 5% coverage per color per page.

What Affects Page Yield?

Many different variables have to be taken into account when measuring page yield: 

 - Content and type of document printed (Page coverage)

 - Type of paper used

 - Type of printer

 - Print mode and driver setting

 - Software application used

 - Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing

In actual use, customers are not likely to replicate the exact file content, test parameters and conditions required in the ISO/IEC tests. As a result, the actual page yields that customers will experience can vary considerably higher or lower. 

              Figure 3: 

10% – 15% Total Coverage

              Figure 4: 

40% – 60% Total Coverage

              Figure 5: 

80% – 100% Total Coverage