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Where can i buy the table top?

Most of the furniture stores sell finished table top individually. Places such as Ikea will be a good place to go since it has the most options for table top. The screws are included within the package. All you need to do is to purchase a correct size table top as you desire.

Our warranty policy for television and monitor mounts

PrimeCables® branded TV wall mounts and Monitor desk mounts have a lifetime warranty, except for those with electrical features will have 1 year warranty instead. The lifetime warranty also does not apply on other brands which have a 30 day warranty.

Noise coming from the motor or table leg

This issue could be caused by installation mistake on the driving lever part. the lever must connect to the drive link from the the table leg at the exact same level. Please refer to the installation guide below to reinstall the driving lever.

How to set up the motor

Please follow the steps below to set up your motor right after you finish the assembly.
1: When the motor is powered, you should see "RST" show up on your control module's LED display. It means you are at the resetting mode.
2: Press and hold “▼” until the table reach it's lowest position and the number "75.0" show up on the display. Now the table is set to use, the full motion range of this table is 75cm to 123cm.
Note: If you need to move or reassemble the table in the future, simply press and hold the "m" key and "▼" key until you see "RST" show up on your display to enter the resseting mode and repeat the set up process again to reset your motor.

Complete resetting guide for error code E07, E08 or E05