S-Points are Shopper+'s reward program, they can be earned when you make purchases on, and These will accumulate on your account and can be exchanged for store credit or gift cards.  

How do I earn S-Points?

Starting September 20th 2016, for each 1$ spent (excluding taxes, shipping and handling fees) using as method of payment a credit card, PayPal, store credit or a cheque, you will earn 20 points. 

You will also have the opportunity to earn lots of S-Points through different actions available on your account as shown below:

How do I redeem my S-Points?

Under “Services and Support” at the bottom of every page, you can access the S-Points Club and view all the available rewards. You can from that page redeem the points for the reward you want. (You can access it by clicking here)

How does exchanging my S-Points for a gift card work?

Under the Redeem section (mentioned in the question above), you can click "redeem now" and you'll be brought to the current available gift card options. Each card will show for how much it's valued at and how many points it requires. Once you've confirmed and redeemed points for your card, please allow 1-2 business days for the card to be sent to you electronically to your account's email.

  • Please note that, once you've redeemed points for a gift card, this gift card cannot be refunded, cancelled or changed, and the points cannot be returned back.

Do all purchases on Shopper+ Family websites qualify for S-Points?
S-Points are eligible on merchandise purchases paid with credit cards, PayPal, store credit or cheques, excluding taxes, shipping and handling fees. These points are only eligible on regular and Gov’t/Edu accounts.
  • They are not eligible on reseller accounts
  • They are not eligible on guest checkout orders (a regular account is required)

How do I keep track of my S-Points?
Once in your account, you’ll have an option on the left hand side to view your S-Points,which will give a detailed list of the transactions that gave your accumulated points.

Will my S-Points ever expire?

No, your S-Points will never expire within your account. Do note that once a certain amount is redeemed for a reward, this amount will be removed from your total amount.


  1. S-Points are only available on regular and Gov’t/Edu accounts, they are not available to reseller accounts and are also not available to guest checkout orders.
  2. S-Points cannot be transferred, shared, exchanged between different accounts.
  3. S-Points cannot be refunded or exchanged neither for cash nor for any amount on another method of payment such as credit card, PayPal or cheque.
  4. Once S-Points are redeemed for store credit, it cannot be transferred back to points.
  5. Once S-Points are redeemed for a gift card, the gift card cannot be cancelled,refunded nor replaced.
  6. S-Points are not earned when the items are purchased with S-Points instead of another method of payment, such as credit card, PayPal, store credit or cheque. Only the latter 4 options are eligible for earning S-Points.