To be able to obtain a reseller account, you first must:

  • Have a valid Business Registration Certificate, issued by a federal or provincial government in Canada
  • To keep your reseller account active, your annual purchase total must reach at least $1000

To apply for a reseller account:

  1. Click here, and click the "Sign up today!" or the "Apply now" button. This will direct you to either login to a current regular account or to create one, and will afterwards bring you to a page where you can make your application.
  2. In the application page, fill your business information. You must also agree to some of the reselling limitations and click "Submit".
  3. If everything's in order, the application should be approved within a week. If there is some information that requires confirmation or if something's wrong, our reseller department will contact you for more info.
  4. Once you are approved, you will get an email confirmation. Once you get this confirmation, you'll be able to login to your account which will have become a reseller one and will therefore display reseller prices.

For customer service and helplines:

  • Live chat on our website (bottom right-hand corner), available Monday to Friday 24H
  • Toll-free line 1-866-979-7463, available Monday to Friday 24H
  • Email inquiries at , replies within 1-2 business day

Reseller account benefits:

  • The lowest price on the market
  • Easy online shopping experience
  • Brand marketing support in Canada
  • Only type of account with the Drop Ship privilege

Reseller account limitations:

  • Reseller accounts are not eligible for the free shipping over $49 that is available on regular accounts.
  • Reseller accounts are not eligible for the S-Points rewards.
  • Reseller accounts benefit at this time of a reseller price on a large assortment of products both on 123Ink and PrimeCables. Please note that there are no reseller prices on 
  • For all items on, your reseller price of 1PACK items is the lowest reseller price, the reseller price doesn't apply on Value Pack and Combo Pack items.
  • Coupons and promotions sent through regular channels are not applicable to reseller accounts, only coupons sent directly from our reseller department are eligible as a coupon on reseller accounts.
  • Our Montreal's Metro pickup is not available to reseller accounts due to the limited space inside the depanneurs.
  • Amazon and/or eBay online-sellers can resell all other brands except for Brands "Moustache", "PrimeCables" and "Pantum".
  • The price which the resellers advertise in-store and/or online can’t be less than the MAP (MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICING) set by ShopperPlus. *More details in Authorized Reseller Agreement “ARA” (No. 3)