To be able to obtain a Gov't or an EDU account, you first must:

  • Open the account with the Purchasing Department of your government or recognized educational institution
  • To keep your Gov't/EDU account active, your annual purchase total must reach at least $1000

To apply for a Gov't or EDU account:

  1. Create a regular account on our website
  2. Send this account information to our Gov't/Edu team managers, which you can click here for their information
  3. If everything's in order, the application should be approved within a week. If there is some information that requires confirmation or if something's wrong, our account managers will contact you for more info.

For customer service and help lines:

  • Live chat on our website (bottom right-hand corner), available Monday to Friday 24H
  • Toll-free line 1-866-979-7463, available Monday to Friday 24H
  • Email inquiries at, replies within 1-2 business days

Gov't & EDU account benefits:

  • Unique 15% code valid for the whole year, renewable with the required annual minimum purchase total of 1000$

Gov't & EDU account limitations:

  • Gov't/EDU accounts are not eligible for S-Points related promotions, such as but not limited to, double the points.