Yes, some resellers may be tax exempt, but there's a few conditions:

  • The reseller must have a reseller account on Shopper+ Inc, which can be applied for here
  • The reseller must have a PST exemption certificate issued by their province, which is currently only available in British Colombia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

If you are a reseller who fits all these conditions, you can email us your PST exemption certificate at, which our customer service will verify with our financial department and ultimately, the respective provincial government. 

In any case that the verification confirms the document to not meet the province's exemption certificate requirement, our team will refuse the exemption.

Please note that if you are exempted from PST (that is after confirmation, explained above), this exemption only applies on the PST within the province from which you are exempt from. If you ship your order to another province, you will be required to pay PST from that province you're shipping to.