From our website, you'll see the first section dedicated to cables. The first option under cables is HDMI cables. There, you'll see on the left side of the selection all our HDMI categories, such as HDMI to VGA and so forth. Our most popular ones will be shown at the top as shown below:

Typically, most of our clientele will select either an HDMI 2.0 cable, as it's the newest version with the best resolution available at 2000p, or HDMI 1.4 cable with Ethernet, as they are a bit lower than HDMI 2.0, but still offer 1080p resolution at a great price. Please note that HDMI 1.4 and above (2.0) all have the Ethernet capability.

Once you've selected the right category, such as HDMI 2.0, you'll have the option to filter the one you need most with our filters on the right hand side. The most important filters for HDMI cables is firstly the length needed, and the certification if you're preparing a special installation, such as in-wall HDMI.

If you still have some questions for finding the right HDMI cable, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service!