This series of cartridge chip (PGI-280 & CLI-281) is same as all compatible cartridge chip, when you installed the cartridge to the printer, the printer will read the data from the chip (serial number, ink level, manufacture date. etc). It is because the data in the compatible chip is not exactly the same as the OEM chip. The printer might have a chance to not recognize the chip. 

To solve this problem, you just need to remove the ink cartridge and reinstall it, the cartridge chip will randomly switch to the difference data storage in the chip memory. The printer will read the correct data and success to recognize the cartridge. You might need to reinstall the ink cartridge for several time to make it successful to recognize by the printer.

If you got the error message same as the figure below (figure 1,2,3), please do not start to print. You just need to reinstall the cartridge until the printer show the ink level is full (figure 4). 


(Figure 1, "!" exclamation mark on the ink cartridge icon show the level is low)

(Figure 2, "X" cross mark on the ink cartridge icon show the ink is run out)

(Figure 3, the ink cartridge icon show it is not recognize by the printer) 

(Figure 4, the ink cartridge icon show the ink level is full)