Recently Epson was released a new version firmware to blocked the compatible ink cartridge. If your printer was enabled the automatically update feature or you click the update manually, your printer will not recognize the compatible cartridge T288Xl series. 

To recover this cartridge problem, you can follow the instruction below to downgrade the printer to the previous firmware version.

1. a. Disable the automatically update feature by right click the printer icon on Windows Taskbar. The option list will display on the             screen.

   b. Select the "Software Update Setting" option, the dialog windows will appear.  

  c. select the option "Never" and click "OK" to confirm.

2. a. Download the old firmware version service pack to your computer. Click the link here to download or copy the link below and            open it in your web browser. The save file dialog may appear depend on what browser you are using and click save file to save it        on your computer.


b. Prepare your printer to run the old firmware version service pack. Make sure your printer is connecting with your computer by USB cable, also the power  cable of your computer and the printer is plug in the wall outlet with a stable power source, because if they lose the power when downgrading the printer, it will damage the printer.

c. Power off the printer and follow the instruction to enter to the printer ROM menu by pressing and hold the Home button, left arrow button, cancel button and the power button altogether until you get the Rom Menu display on the printer screen. 

    d. Ready to run the old firmware version service pack saved on your computer. The dialog window will appear and you can follow           dialog instruction to downgrade to the old firmware version.



e. When "Finished" appear on the printer screen, the downgrade process was done. Now you can unplug the power cable of the printer and replug it. Press the power button to turn on the printer. You may get the error message "Wrong Ink Tank" you just need to reinstall the cartridge the error will disappear.