To place an order on Shopper+'s websites, we have the following steps to help guide you. In any case you still have issues placing an order, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team who will be glad to assist you. 

1. Search on our website the product you're looking for. It's best to use simple terms, such as the model name or brand of a product.

2. Once the product is found, hover your mouse over it, you'll see some options appear

3. If needed, modify the quantity by clicking the minus "-" or the plus "+" symbols, and once the proper quantity is selected, click "Add to cart"

4. Do note that, some items may have either coupon or product restrictions, which you can see by clicking the item and going to its page. The example above shows it has the "OEM" and the "Low Profit" tags. For more information on the tags, click here.

5. As you're adding items to your cart, make sure that you've selected all the items needed from the different Shopper+ websites, as they are all linked to the same checkout. For example, if you need both ink cartridges and some HDMI cables, you can add the cartridges into your cart from 123Ink, then head to our second website PrimeCables, add the HDMI cables in the cart as well, and both items will be within your cart.

6. After adding all your items to your cart, head to the checkout, which is in the upper right-hand corner.

7. Once in the checkout, after you've verified your quantity, prices, coupon (if applicable), shipping (for more info, click 
here), you may proceed to the next step of checkout.

8. If a new client, click to create an account, if not, you may sign in to your existing one

9. At the following step, enter your shipping address or, if you already have one in your account, select the one desired. Then click "Next".

10. After the shipping address, select your shipping method. The available shipping methods may differ based on your account and your location. Then click "Next".

11. If you have any store credit on your account, put the amount you wish (out of the available amount, which will be shown in blue) to apply and click "Apply", your order's total will reflect that on the right hand side of the page. Then click "Next"

12. Select the method of payment you'd like to use. If you select by cheque, please note that the payment must be received before your order ships out. After choosing the method of payment, if needed, modify the billing address right below by clicking "Edit". 

13. Once you've done all the steps and your order is ready, click "Place Order".

14. Once your order has been placed, you'll obtain an order confirmation number as shown above. This information will also be emailed to your account's email. Do note down this number just in case you wish to contact our customer service, as locating an order with this number will be the quickest way.

15. Have a wonderful day! :)