MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a standard electronic process that reads sensitive documents like checks using high speed magnetic equipment and MICR toner. MICR toner is read by these sensitive machines especially when it is arranged in a specific syntax or pattern like the information found on a check. The bank routing number, account number, and check number are written using MICR printing process to ensure individual security as well as bank security.

To print checks, a MICR printer is the best option, but the cost can be very high. To save cost, you can also use regular printers and MICR toner to print checks. You can’t use regular toners for checks, since laser toners are magnetic, unless you understand the character language of the reader-sorter machines required to process check, you won’t be able to print your own checks. Trying to pass checks in a bank with invalid MICR codes is not a good idea since the bank clearing center will automatically reject them. Using MICR laser toners for other purpose is not necessary unless your printing task requires a higher level of security. If that’s the case, special equipment is also needed to read those documents so they perform as expected.

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