There are 3 methods to search for printing products on our website, including your ink and toner cartridges:

1st Method: Search Bar

Our search bar is the first and most convenient method, given that you know what is your printer's model or the model of your ink/toner cartridges.

If you search a printer model, you'll obtain results from our website as shown below. There may be a few results that share the same number but contain different letters/series/all-in-one or not, so please make sure to select the right model as each little variation could potentially mean a different cartridge model!  One you find it, click the "shop now" indicated in the proper result.

An example for printers with similar numbers but different variants and different cartridges: Deskjet 3520 VS Deskjet 3520 All-In-One, although they share the same series name and the same number, the fact one is all-in-one while the other is not makes it that they use different ink cartridges.

If you search for a cartridge model (or drums/other printing equipment), simply put in the model of your cartridge in the search bar and you'll obtain some results. Please note to make sure to write your cartridge model properly, as there are sometimes similar ones that are not compatible to one another (example: TN360 and TN660 are not compatible to one-another).  There will also be some different options, such as compatible, OEM (original), etc, depending on what you're looking for.

2nd Method: Ink and Toner Cartridges Tabs

At the top of the page, you can go either under ink or toner cartridges (ink ones are the ones are as small as your hand which contains liquid ink, while toner cartridges are as long as your forearm which contains powdered ink). When you do, select your printer brand such as Brother or HP.

Then, you would select your printer series (1) and your printer model (2) number. Another option on this same page is to enter your cartridge's model number (below n.2).

3rd Method: Home Page's Search

On our home page of, you will locate an Ink & Toner Finder which is relatively easy to use. Simply enter which printer brand you have (1.), the series (2.) and the model number (3.). It'll bring you directly to its page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service!