Please note that Shopper+ does not carry any edible printing supplies. This article is meant for informational purposes only.

What is Edible printing?

Edible printing is to place edible ink cartridges in your dedicated printer and print anything onto edible frosting sheets (edible paper), then lay the sheets on your cakes, cupcakes or cookies.

What is Edible ink?

Edible ink is also referred to as cake ink or food ink. Edible ink is a specially formulated food-grade, inkjet-able food coloring mix that is made to flow through specific inkjet printers and be printed onto edible paper, producing custom digital prints that are edible and result in beautiful custom cakes or photo cakes.

What is Frosting sheet?

Frosting sheets (also known as Icing Sheets) are composed mostly of starch and sugar. and are specially blended and pressed into thin sheets that feed through a printer like a sheet of photo paper. Print with edible inks to these frosting sheets to produce edible images that you can then apply to your cakes that are prepped with frosting.

What is Edible ink printer?

There is no edible printer. You can buy a brand new regular everyday printer, such as Canon, Brother, or Epson inkjet printer, and put edible ink cartridges into it, but not just any printer and it should have edible ink cartridges made for them and should be dedicated only to printing edible images with edible ink. You can not use the regular ink and the edible ink in the same machine.

Important: DO NOT MIX regular inkjet ink with edible ink and never put edible ink inside a cartridge or printer that has previously had regular running through it as contamination can occur.