What is DuoDeal?

A DuoDeal is a product offered at a really good price, which you can benefit if you can get enough friends to participate along with you in your group. These deals also automatically benefit from free standard shipping.

Do note that these deals have a time and a quantity limit, which you can see on each item as shown here:

How to place a DuoDeal?

You can find our DuoDeals from the following page here: https://www.living.ca/duodeal

On this page, you can see all the current offers and their current time/claimed status. Once you find the one you want, click it to access its product page.

You'll see both the Individual Buying price tab, and the DuoDeal price tab, which you can click both to compare the discount that the DuoDeal will offer.

Under the Duo Deal tab, you'll see the current DuoDeal promotion. Some deals have the option of getting a bigger group of participants to obtain a better deal.

Once you've selected the option you want, you can click "Create DuoDeal", at which point you'll be brought to our checkout process. Please note that Duo Deals offer the opportunity of buying 1 unit of the item selected, you won't be able to buy multiple units under the DuoDeal price.

DuoDeal orders will require to login to an account (or to create one), and to place your order with payment by credit card or PayPal.

Once your order is placed, it will be on hold in our system, waiting on your group to get enough participants before being released.

Please note that once you've placed your DuoDeal order, you have 48 hours to get enough participants. If after 48 hours you still don't have enough participants, your DuoDeal order, along with the one of those who did participate, will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

How to share my DuoDeal?

Once you've placed your DuoDeal order, you'll get right away the option to share it through common social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as a link you can share through any platform to your friends. This page will also indicate how many participants you need in your group and what your DuoDeal's group time limit.

If you've skipped this page or, wish to share your deal at a later time, you can also share it from your Order Confirmation email, or from your account, as shown below.


Can I cancel my DuoDeal order?

If you wish to cancel your DuoDeal order, please contact our customer service team (available 24H Mon-Fri EST) whom can assist you. 

Please note that, if you were the creator of your Duo Deal, cancelling your order will result in the cancellation of all your group's participants orders.

DuoDeals limitations:

  • Only 1 unit of the DuoDeal item can be purchased per person.
  • DuoDeals will require an account to place the order, the guest checkout is not available for this promotion.
  • DuoDeal groups will have 48 hours to get enough participants. If after 48 hours there is still not enough participants, all of the groups' DuoDeal orders will be automatically cancelled and refunded.
  • If the DuoDeal group creator cancels their DuoDeal order, their entire group's DuoDeal orders will also be cancelled.
  • If a DuoDeal group is successful but, a participant then decides to cancel their order which causes the group to not have enough participants, all of the group's DuoDeal orders will be cancelled and refunded.