To "safe drop" a parcel means that, if you weren't home during the delivery, the courier may leave the parcel in a safe location (depending on the circumstances).

Currently, we do not offer offer the "safe drop" option as a security precaution for our clientele. 

What we suggest clients who may want to allow safe drop nontheless, is to indicate a delivery note within your shipping address itself. For example:

When filling your shipping address, you could use an unused field like "Company Name" or "Address 2" to indicate a delivery note if needed. If you do, please make sure to keep it short, as it may otherwise not be fully printed on the shipping label.

Please note that it will be up to the courier to follow the indicated note or not, as they may follow standard procedures instead to keep your parcel secure.

If you have any questions on leaving a delivery note within your shipping address, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at or, start an online chat on our website!